Seasonal containers, whether they be pots, urns, pedestals or hanging baskets are a useful and creative way to enliven the established landscape.

In early Spring, the bold colors of tulips and daffodils blended with the textures of primula, ranunculus and red twig dogwood stems brighten a yard still slumbering under winter’s blanket.

Summer’s approach allows endless arrays of annual containers from cascading waves of petunias, billowing grasses, the downy silver charm of licorice plant, or the subtle hues and gradations of foliage in a coleus.

As the weather cools to fall choose the striking leaves of chard, kale and cabbage. Accent those ornamentals with the late season colors of asters, mums and pansies to extend the life of the garden.

Then when the garden has retired for the winter, add a final touch with the evergreens of boxwood, holly, pine and spruce and striking stems of eucalyptus and bittersweet.