” We have used Merello-Sons for landscaping for a number of years now.  Tim has been instrumental in transforming our minimally landscaped front and back yards into great green spaces.  When we bought our home there were large beds of dirt with nothing planted in them.  There really wasn’t much to look at.  We started having a few small areas filled in and have moved on to larger spaces.  I’m not great with knowing  the names of various plants or what is a shade vs. a sun plant.  Tim is fantastic at developing landscape designs and recommending the right plants and flowers depending on what the space and type of sun it receives requires.  We just built an addition on our home.  I’m excited to have Tim put together a plan to make this space look spectacular.”  – Lisa, Glenview

My Bucktown yard inspires many compliments; I credit Tim and Merello and Sons for that.  They are efficient, fastidious and flexible–working around my schedule and budget.  From researching a multitude of shrub and tree options for my space, to seasonal clean up and hunkering down, Tim and his crew provide outstanding service and value. -Tammy, R.