Why Choose MSL?

Working with my father in the landscaping business I learned many things about plants, trees, shrubs, insects. More importantly I learned how to run a small business, how to treat customers with honesty and respect, how to work hard, how to listen to clients, how to follow through on proposed plans. Most importantly I witnessed how he developed and cultivated long term relationships with his customers.

Later in life when my brother and I took on more of the work and allowed my 80 year old father a couple days off, all our customers would constantly ask, “How’s your Dad?” or “Where’s your Dad?” or “What no Dad today?”.  I realized that just as important as the quality of his work it was the personal nature of Merello-Sons Landscaping that made an impact on people.

As such, I pride myself on being a good person and good landscaper. By choosing Merello-Sons you can be sure that you will be establishing a quality business relationship. We are a small Chicago based business that provides services, garden designs, landscape installations and seasonal containers that are unique to your individual needs and desires.  We are always available to answer your questions and concerns even after the job is completed. In fact rare is the landscape that I don’t re-visit or drive by year after year just to check in on.

One of the most enjoyable activities I had with my father over his 92 years was driving around St. Louis and having him point out all the trees he planted. I still brag to any student of St. Louis University that my dad planted the giant Bald Cypress trees in front of Pius XII library.

So please get to know Merello-Sons and maybe someday somebody will ask my son, “Where’s your Dad?”