A hydrangea in the fall

Hydrangea paniculata can certainly be a great addition to the landscape when properly sited and planted. I know there are some big name designers who find it to be coarse and unruly. I ask them to please take a look at this photograph and tell me this is not a joy to behold. I planted this hydrangea about four or five years ago. What a wonderful floral display it is putting on this fall.

I will have to admit that I do not remember the exact variety whether it be ‘Unique’ or ‘Pinky Winky’ or ‘Pink Diamond’. Rest assured any of those varieties are excellent choices. As depicted these hydrangeas provide lovely late season color. As tempting as it may be to trim it down as the color fades on the bloom, I encourage you to leave them be as even the faded blooms maintain nice winter interest through the blanket of snow that is inevitable here in the Midwest.

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