Time to start landscaping

I have been getting inquiries lately about whether or not we are behind schedule for our spring. The answer is that we are right on time. Yes winter seemed to drag on forever this year. Though we did not get huge amounts of snow, we were treated to long stretches of cold, cloudy gray days. Some people were probably too readily remembering last year’s bizarre arrival of 80 degree weather in March.

However, spring time in Chicago really does mean cool weather, with chances of frost and the odd snow shower through the first few weeks of April. So what can you do now? Get your spring clean up done so the yard has a good start for the warmth ahead. Do some cool weather annual containers featuring pansies, stock, ranunculus, primrose, forced bulbs and the like. Or meet with your landscape and create your battle plan for the planting season. Mid May is a perfect time to start to dig and plant.

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