Zen Garden


My clients discussed their desire to remake their small front Bucktown yard into something of a quiet, Zen garden, a place of peace in the urban setting. Prior to the installation the yard’s lone memorable feature was the existing Japanese Maple. The only other plants were some tired, old boxwood and a misplaced Sambucus. So the renovation was relatively easy.

The new focal piece is the weeping Hemlock in the northern corner of the yard. A purple azalea sits next to the Hemlock for some early spring color. The subtle palette shades of greens, chartreuses and yellows arrive from Japanese Hakone Grass, Golden Tiara Hosta, Heuchera, Chelone and Chasmanthium.

Complementing the landscape were some simple yet elegant hardscape features. An inviting swerve of natural bluestone giving way to a trio of outcropping stones and ultimately ending with a seated stone Buddha.

This Zen garden to me really speaks to the beauty and peace that landscapes provide homeowner and passersby alike.

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