Foundation bed renovation.

Aging Junipers


For this project, the homeowner approached me to freshen up their front foundation bed. The existing plantings were very old evergreens that had long outlived their usefulness. Due to the extreme shade cast by the various street trees, said evergreens had grown spindly and bare and were in general decline.

My challenge was to create a more modern and clean landscape that would thrive in shade and provide a softer look for the classic brick of the home. Having met with my clients, we determined that the new project should utilize similar elements to some of the other yards and designs on the block. To that end, some of the common elements were Japanese Maples, hostas, and boxwood.

As such I opted for a traditional Acer Palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ for the shady west end, complimented by a trio of boxwood, accented by oakleaf hydrangea and then anchored on the slightly sunnier east end by an Amelanchier. To provide some perennial color and leaf texture I¬†planted Astilbe, Aruncus and Pulmonaria.

To me the varying textures and shades of green even brighten what is often a dark, deep shaded corner lot.

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